Epiphany e-Liquids

Epiphany e-Liquids

Delicious Cloud Production

Epiphany e-Liquids rose from the creative minds of the flavor masters at Smiley eLiquid after years of work to ensure that these flavors would meet their high standards of excellence and taste.

Epiphany e-Liquids Yield Clouds & Strong Flavors

The entire line of Epiphany e-liquids will satisfy your desire for strong flavor without sacrificing the enjoyment of satisfying cloud production. The flavors in this line are:

epiphany insight strawberry vanilla

epiphany inspiration cantaloupe cream

epiphany vision kool pineapple

Strength and Volume Availability

Epiphany is available is 0, 3, and 6 mg strengths; and, in 30ml, the ever so popular 60ml, as well as the larger 120ml complete with GCC certification. If you are interested in picking this line up for your shop please fill out the proper wholesale inquiry form.

For further information do not hesitate to call us, 1-949-416-5911, or contact us by email.