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Want to Get More From Your e-Liquid?

Get More From Your e-Liquid When You Choose Smiley When we began developing our e-liquid flavors, we wanted to accomplish a few simple goals: To develop products that had a strong enough flavor that recent smokers could taste and immediately identify; To have flavors that tasted consistent across a broad nicotine spectrum, meaning that a…
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Hartland Challenges the FDA Deeming Regs

Hartland Hearings Took Place April 27-29, 2017 Officials from the Village of Hartland, a suburb of Milwaukee, WI, are preparing to send their findings from a three-day hearing on e-cigarettes to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. With hopes that they can prove the agency acted outside of its authority when it introduced the FDA Deeming…
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Cole-Bishop Amendment

The Cole-Bishop Amendment is currently the best chance the vaping industry has to avoid elimination within 2 years.

The House Appropriations Committee passed the Cole-Bishop Amendment on April 19, 2016. It is now in the Senate which is not very vape friendly. So, please call your state Senator's office and urge them to support the Cole-Bishop Amendment.


The Cole-Bishop Amendment to the 2017 Agricultural Appropriations bill

Fact 1: Tobacco is the only legally available consumer product which kills people when it is used entirely as intended.

Fact 2: Normal e-cigarette usage is 95% safer than traditional cigarette usage.

What If: Scientists discovered one type of legal alcoholic beverage caused 3 in 5 regular users to die 10 years prematurely. They also found another beverage that caused 95% fewer premature deaths. Would you want to know which was which?

Of course you would.

Did You Know: The FDA with their recent regulations have effectively decided to shut down e-cigarette usage (aka Vaping). Vaping is a currently legal and 95% safer alternative to smoking?

The current laws that will effectively end vaping are not based on scientific findings and are actually protecting the cigarette manufacturers.

You Can Make a Difference and Save Lives: call and write your federal legislators, specifically your state Senator and ask them to support the Cole-Bishop Amendment to the 2017 Agricultural Appropriations bill.


Rising From The Ashes Podcast: Episode 23 – Now you decide to make a phone call.

On the day of the R2B Smoke Free lawsuit, now vapers decide to become active in all the wrong fucking ways. [spreaker type=player resource="episode_id=9619787" theme="light" autoplay="false" playlist="false" cover="" width="100%" height="100%"] [alert_box style="message" close="no"]If you are interested in learning more about vaping and reading some of the science behind many of the claims, please feel free…
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3 Reasons You Should Not Worry About Public Vaping

Legislative Action to Ban Public Vaping Is Ridiculous Public vaping is coming under attack by a small group of doctors. This is incredible. These technicians, have once again failed us by not recognizing and staying current with the refereed scientific literature. The plethora of scientific evidence on this subject does not support these "fears". Vaping…
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We Lost The FDA Deeming Regulations Battle, What Now?

On June 2, 2016, the American Enterprise Institute assembled a panel to discuss the FDA deeming regulations.  All of the panelists seem to agree in some form or fashion that FDA's deeming regulations are incredibly overreaching and unsubstantiated. Additionally, other agencies such as Homeland Security concur, as evidenced by the letters written by Sen Ron…
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