Wholesale Inquiry

Wholesale Inquiry and Sample Request

If you are a reseller and interested in Smiley e-Liquid, we can help! 

To qualify to receive our high quality e liquid at a wholesale price, we ask interested resellers within The United States to fill out a domestic inquiry form.

Resellers located outside of the United States, please fill out an international inquiry form.

If you wish to receive samples of our product, please indicate so on the wholesale inquiry form. Smiley e Liquid can no longer provide "free samples" due to current regulations. Domestic inquiries will be invoiced $15 for a sample package of our entire line in 15ml bottles. International inquires, will be invoiced the USD $15, plus the cost of shipping to your location for the same sample package.

Upon your submission we will evaluate your submission. Upon approval we will contact you and begin establishing our relationship with you. Further, if you have indicated that you wish to receive samples, you will receive an invoice, once the invoice is paid we will ship within 2 business days.

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